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Accountancy Services — Friendly and Personal

Becoming a Client

Whether you are transferring to JE Accountants or need an accountant for the first time, we can make things straightforward.

If you already have an accountant, make contact with them to tell them you wish to transfer to JE Accountants. With your agreement, we will contact your previous accountant and obtain the details which we need from them.

We will engage you as a client and ask you to sign an engagement letter which outlines the basis on which we will act. We will ask you to confirm your identity and address to meet with money laundering regulations.

We will then begin to act for you as your accountant and you can start to enjoy all of the benefits of our services

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m worried that HMRC will start a tax investigation if I change accountants.
HMRC do have various methods of deciding who to investigate, but selecting a business or individual because they have changed accountants is not one of them.

I have been with my accountants for many years and they are the only ones that understand my business.
All businesses benefit from a fresh approach from time to time.
As a matter of course, we will get to know your business and conduct a thorough assessment of it, in order to make recommendations to improve cost-effectiveness and tax efficiency.

I don’t need an accountant, I have a bookkeeper and do my own tax return.
Anyone can become a bookkeeper, as there is no need for special knowledge or qualifications. We find that 9 out of 10 client accounts, maintained by bookkeepers, carry errors and omissions owing to their lack of knowledge. This is especially true in the area of taxation.

It’s all going to cost a lot more if I change Accountants.
All fees are agreed in advance with you. For easy budgeting and cash flow we can offer fixed fees. As we are concerned with work which needs doing now, rather than looking historically at what has been done, there should be no duplication of work and therefore minimal additional costs associated with changing accountants.